Age Limit: Bukanga MP Kangwagye Accused of Bribing Constituents

Bukanga County Member of Parliament Steven Kangwagye on Friday rallied people of Isingiro district in south western Uganda, to support the removal of age limit from the constitution, saying that Uganda still needs the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni.

The MP made the call during a consultation meeting that he held at Rugaga Sub County, in his constituency.

Steven Kangwagye speaking to the journalists on Friday


The MP, citing the prevailing peace in Uganda, told his constituents that the current influx of refugees from Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and even Kenya; is all because people realize that Uganda is the most peaceful nation in the region, all thanks to the leadership of President Museveni.

He went on to praise the 73 year old President’s commitment to regional peace by deploying the national army to maintain stability in these troubled neighboring countries.

The MP posing with some of his constituents after the meeting

The MP also argued that amending Article 102(b) will not just benefit President Museveni, abut also youths in the future, who are below the age of 35 and feel that they can manage the country.

At the rally however, a number of people were heard condemning the MP for sidelining their views on the matter and paying a few people to show support for the amendment.

Serving refreshments at the rally

Some of the locals said the MP consulted few leaders of NRM to represent the whole constituency when it should have been the locals to decide.


“They only picked like 2 or 4 people from villages, supporting the age limit removal but we as people of Isingiro we don’t supported it,” said one Adam Mutyaba

Mutyaba also claimed that the MP “bought” local bodaboda riders with fuel of Shs.20, 000 each and lunch facilitation of Shs. 5000shs, to put up the show.

“They handpicked a few bodaboda riders from Bukanga, and there are many of us; they dressed them in yellow t-shirts and fueled them up to pose as supporters of the “Tugikwateho” campaign,” he said.

At the event nonetheless, the attendants, mostly local political leaders unanimously backed the age limit amendment.

The motion to support the age limit removal was signed by chairpersons of town councils and sub counties of Kakamba, Endinzi, Kashumba, Rushasha, Rwanzogyera, Rugaga and Ngarama.


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