AGE LIMIT: 50 Opposition Activists Arrested in Churches for Planning ‘Defiance Campaign’

Ugandan security forces have apprehended at least 50 opposition figures from churches in different parts of the country, Chimp Corps exclusively report.

Some of the activists reportedly led by FDC Mobilisation chief Ingrid Turinawe were found at Second Chances church in Gayaza, Wakiso District on Wednesday.

Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye said he was not aware about the arrests when contacted by this website.

“I have been in Bushenyi. I am not aware about that,” he observed.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Emillian Kayima said he needed to consult for details.

At the time of publishing this story, we were yet to obtain a response from him.

But highly placed security sources say the activists were intercepted during a ‘classified joint security operation’ today.

The source said the opposition supporters were planning to “launch a fresh defiance campaign” by exploiting reports regarding alleged government plans to lift the presidential age limit.

FDC strongman Dr Kiza Besigye recently addressed a press conference in Kampala, saying the opposition party working with civil society and other political actors would mobilize masses to stop what he described as the “NRM junta from amending the constitution.”

He further said the “junta” had no “legitimacy to amend the constitution.”

Amending the age limit clause would see President Museveni stand for another term in office.

Credible sources said the apprehended suspects were found in possession of banners, t-shirts and other materials carrying “messages of a violent defiance campaign.”

The source said the opposition supporters have been meeting in churches with “some youth mobilized from their structures and walk to work contacts to bring chaos back to Kampala.”

Opposition has previously denied harbouring plans to use violence to effect regime change or destabilize the country much as they had the capacity to do so.

Multiple sources said the opposition activists were being taught “how to block roads at roundabouts, target government officials and their supporters and their property with the view of bringing the country to standstill.”

Ingrid Turinawe, the opposition’s Iron Lady, is said to be at the forefront of this campaign expected to start next week.

“Security agencies are practically preempting the launch of defiance campaign,” said a source.

President Museveni for the first time today spoke out on the alleged age limit bill, saying it was diversionary.

Addressing  a press conference at State House, Entebbe today, Museveni denied knowledge of any bill intended to lift the age limit for presidential candidates.

“I hear alot about it but I don’t follow it because I am busy with my programs, “Museveni responded to a question from journalists.

He said that whoever is talking about the bill is misguided and has no background to it.

“What are you debating? Who has brought the proposal for you to debate?”

ChimpReports understands opposition supporters arrested today could face charges related to subversion.

We couldn’t immediately establish where the opposition supporters are being held.

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