Africa’s Most Voracious Predator; The Nile Monitor Lizards

The Nile Monitor Lizard is one of the wild animals that call Uganda home.

The Nile Monitor Lizard can pretty much be found in all the National Parks in Uganda.

One can grow 7 to 8 feet in length which is over 2 meters making it the largest lizard in Africa.

The Nile Monitor Lizards are strong and powerful, stout with an elongated head like a snake, very sharp claws, and there is the long and compressed tail which it can use against enemies.

The Nile Monitor Lizards are excellent climbers and can often be found in trees.

They have sharp claws they use for climbing, digging, defense, hunting and tearing their prey.

Their tongues are forked and are tremendous olfactory. Their strong jaws can hold a grip so tightly without letting go and create a secrete poisonous toxins in their saliva that harms their prey.

Nile Monitor Lizards have a very tough and beady skin and adults have a yellow spot like body.


They can run faster than most people and can stay underwater for more than an hour.

They eat crocodile eggs, insects, fish, frogs, snails, small snakes, birds and many other things.

They have a very sharp memory that helps them remember where their hiding places are in the wild.

In Uganda most people hunt them for their hides and skins which they use to make things like bags, shoes, jackets.

They also use the skin to make a particular local long drum. Natives say that when they use its skin it produces the best sound.






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