Africans Must Organise For Their Demands To Be Fulfilled – Prof. Lumumba

For their demands to be fulfilled, visiting Kenyan scholar Prof. Patrice Lumumba has urged African masses to organize across the board.

While addressing journalists on Wednesday, Lumumba observed that it is high time Ugandans and Africans started holding their leaders accountable in a peaceful but assertive manner. However, for this to happen, he opined that citizens need to transcend various positions they yield in society.

“History has demonstrated that when people are organized irrespective of positions that they hold, they can make demands. You see people demanding in Algeria and Sudan. There is no way a common Ugandan or African cannot make demands”, Lumumba implores.

In relation to this, he cautioned that if agitation is not based on a clear ideology, then all gains achieved will go to waste. Asked whether this is possible, given the amount of power African Leaders yield, he said citizens must cease to treat them like God and evaluate them like any other being.

“If you treat people like God for too long, they begin to think that they are God, behave like God and think that they are infallible. And Africa is paying consequences and continues to do so”, he adds.

On multi-party democracy in Africa, the law professor opined that majority of parties are a farce mostly formed for purposes of self-aggrandizement.

“In Africa I can only mention a few as constituting what I refer to as political parties. Chama cha mapenduzi in Tanzania, Africa National Congress is a freedom movement converted into a political party, FRELIMO and MPLA in Angola. In many countries what we have are formations owned by different individuals masquerading as political parties with no idea”, Lumumba adds further.

Conclusively he said that Africans must not allow others to define democracy for them.

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