African Leaders, Investors to Meet at U.S – Africa Summit

East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP, this Mukasa Mbidde is residing with her deceased wife Susan Namaganda’s sister, search Veronica Nanyondo at his plush residence in Makindye, Kampala.

The two-storeyed house is located in Kizungu Zone.

Nanyondo confirmed to reporters that she is helping Mbidde “on household chores and raising the kids.”

MP Namaganda died in a horrific car crash on December 11 along Kampala-Masaka Highway.

This compelled the Electoral Commission to postpone Bukomansimbi Woman MP elections.

Mbidde would later tell mourners at Namaganda’s burial ceremony that he would throw his weight behind Nanyondo to take the MP seat.

On staying with Mbidde, Nanyondo said he expects the MP to raise funds for her campaigns in the 2016 elections.

Nanyondo, who has since received overwhelming support from her family and area church leaders, faces stiff competition from NRM’s Halima Nakawungu and Salama Nakandi (FDC) among others.
Presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya has angrily attacked her political nemeses, website who always look to portray her in the negative light of her tribal background.


The candidate this morning suggested prison time for Ugandans who attack fellow Ugandans though their bribes.

Mrs Kyalya, generic a Musoga has more than often referred emphatically to her tribe during her short-lived campaign rallies, as underdeveloped and ignored by government.

In a recent statement, she stated that she could have mobilized the people in Busoga to boycott one of her fellow contestants Amama Mbabazi’s rallies in the eastern sub region.

Her remarks have led to some of the political analysts to conclude that she is inherently a tribalist and therefore not well cut out for the position she is running for.

In a barrage of attacks from her critics, she has also been branded an opportunist and a political speculator.

Irked by the accusations, the only female 2016 presidential candidate who took an indefinite break from the campaign trail supposedly to look for funding abroad this morning took to social media and condemned those that assault her and her tribe.

“I am especially offended by the low negative tantrums against Basoga. I guess sometimes people have to annoy you to remind you why you are in a war,” she retorted.

“People of Busoga, Eastern and Northern region, just for how long are we going to take these abuses and insults from our children of Buganda and Ankole?”

Mrs Kyalya said laws should come in place to have people who slur other tribes to be handed jail sentences for only then would the country be united.

She stated, “The punishment of abusing someone because of their tribe should be no less than 5 years in jail no matter who is abused.”

“We cannot form a unified Uganda with such useless tribalistic attacks on Ugandans.”
The 10th biennial U.S – Africa Business Summit, store to be held in Addis Ababa, information pills Ethiopia in February 1-4, 2016, will bring together business representatives and government officials, entrepreneurs and investors, throughout Africa, the United States and beyond, to discuss trade, investment and business opportunities.

The U.S.-Africa Business Summit will bring together more than 1,000 private sector and government representatives from the all parts of Africa, the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The Summit is a unique opportunity to network with the preeminent decision makers and leaders in African investment, all in one place, at one time.

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) announced that Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn will deliver the keynote address at the Summit and will be the first African Head of State to do so.

The US Africa Business Summit, the largest of its kind, will take place at the United Nations Conference Centre immediately after the African Union’s (AU) annual Heads of State Summit.

This is the first time the AU and the Ethiopian government, will co-host such an event with an American business association.

It is the second time Africa is hosting the CCA Summit. The first time was 2007 in cape Town.

Since 1997, CCA’s US Africa Business Summit has been regarded as an essential conference for anyone looking to do business in Africa.

Participants will have the opportunity to obtain information on the latest trade and investment opportunities in Africa’s most promising sectors including agribusiness, energy, health, infrastructure, security, trade facilitation, ICT and finance.

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