African Govts Advised to Prioritize Malnutrition Issues

African governments that are still struggling with issues of hunger and malnutrition have been advised to emulate past successes from their counterparts that have been progressive in combating the above problems.

In a report entitled ‘how Africa can build a future free from hunger and malnutrition’ that was wrote by African and international food security experts who sit on the Malabo, Montpellier panel, African countries like Senegal, Ghana and Ethiopia have been successful in reducing malnutrition problems over the last 15 years.

The same report that was launched Monday at the African green revelation forum in Cote diva ire suggest that considering the successes attained by the above countries, eliminating malnutrition in Africa is very possible if governments would prioritize the measures against malnutrition.

Joachim von Brian, co-chair of the panel said; “governments are successful in combating malnutrition when they put it at the top of their agenda and implement programs across departments in close collaboration with parties. Investment is needed in crisis prevention and programs that build resilience against climate stresses.”

Among other recommendations with examples from the successful countries, African governments are advised to adopt a comprehensive policy on malnutrition as a top agenda, set up mechanism to coordinate coherent agenda on nutrition in Africa, invest in crises and emergency intervention capacities, strengthen national agricultural and nutrition research, empower women’s groups and capture synergies between agriculture, water, health and sanitation.

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