Adrenaline Rush Moment: Ziplining Over the Deepest Lake in Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi

As a way of restarting and promoting domestic tourism, l and a group of other travel enthusiasts, courtesy of some local travel agencies traveled to Lake Bunyonyi last week.

The trip was aimed at giving a chance to several Ugandans fatigued by months of lockdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, to explore and blow off the stress.

Lake Bunyonyi, which means a place of many little birds, is situated in South Western Uganda a six to seven-hour drive from Kampala.

With its beautiful selected 29 islands that call it home, Lake Bunyonyi is one of those places l hope that one day will be named among the ‘Natural Wonders of the world’.

The lake’s lush green terraced hills well designed with the water make it even more magical.

I could spend all day admiring the islands’ beauty. The glow they continuously receive from the water is breathtaking.

Our first stop was at the Equator.

Silence! The lake is very calm and the breeze is cool. It soothed me into relaxing, subsequently forgetting the city’s hustle and bustle.

Ziplining over the deepest lake in Uganda


Over time, I have taken on several adrenaline activities with ease from white water rafting in Jinja, Bungee jumping, Ziplining in Mabira and many others.

But Ziplining over the deepest lake in Uganda hit me differently.  All of a sudden, l started feeling uneasy, sweating and even caught a cold but once l signed over my name on the waiver, l told myself, “be strong and get done with this.”

I wore the gear needed for it and l was ready to zipline over Lake Bunyonyi which is 25 kilometers long, 7 kilometers wide, covers a surface area of about 46 kilometers and is approximately 44 meters deep.

Campfire and a cup of tea is a perfect combination in Bunyonyi.

Off l went on a 300-meter Ziplining cable crosses from the island to the mainland and then back.

At first l closed my eyes but by the time l was in the middle, I was having fun. My legs and hands touched the water and l was good to go.

The photos bring out the true beauty of trying out just anything that comes your way.

Other activities you can do are hiking the steep hills of Bunyonyi leading you to a blacksmith who has amazing legendary tales of his work and of course, drinking the Kigezi signature drink called Omuramba that will get you tipsy in a while. Don’t say l did not warn you.

Omulamba time with the locals.

Take a Boat cruise and visit all the 29 islands and learn about the stories they carry like the Akempene Island also known as the ‘Punishment island’ where unmarried pregnant girls were banished to, Bwama Island, Bushara Island, Kyahugye Island, Bucuranuka island and many others.

Bunyonyi, like its name, is also a birders haven with over 200 recorded amazing birds. These include the Grey Crowned Crane, Weaver birds, Herons and many others like the international migratory birds.

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