Adjumani: South Sudanese Refugees Raid Five Villages, Kill One Person

South Sudanese refugees staying in Nyumanzi Settlement Camp located in Nziap Sub County, Adjumani district on Thursday raided five villages, killed one person and injured several others.

Reports indicate that the Thursday clash came as a climax in a standoff between refugees and their host community in the district.

It is said that a misunderstanding between the two groups started on Monday when a man (Ugandan) who was making ‘chapati’ at a trading centre near Nyumanzi refugee centre was killed under unclear circumstances.

Locals from the Madi community accused the refugees and attempted to attack them.

The Madi community blocked all roads leading to the refugee camps and were “baying for revenge.”

Tensions heightened through Tuesday and Wednesday until yesterday when the refugees raided the villages in retaliation.

According to Police, the refugees raided villages of Linga, Maiciki, Ege, Jurumini and Maiaeiciki, in Ajugotti Parish and killed one person.

They also severely injured 12 people before looting house hold items and setting the houses ablaze.


Police said their man power was reinforced by the army which helped to stabilize the situation.

Casualties were rushed to Adjumani district hospital where they are currently undergoing treatment and surgical operations as many were stabbed with arrows.

This is not the first clash in the district between the refugees and their host communities.

Police said that they will intensify community policing in the area to ensure co-existence between the two groups.

Statistics indicate that out of the 1.2 million refugees in Uganda, Adjumani hosts at least 200.000 of them from South Sudan.

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