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ADF WAR: Guns Fall Silent But UPDF Warns of Further Military Strikes

Ugandan armed forces have warned rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) of a more sustained military action should they attempt to attack Uganda.

While the guns have fallen silent in recent days following artillery and aerial bombardments of ADF camps in DRC on December 22, Defence Spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire says army remains vigilant.

He said military deployments at the border remain in place.

“We are ensuring they (ADF) do not sneak and massacre our people the way they did in Beni last year,” said Karemire.

Suspected ADF militants on 14 August 2016, raided the district of Rwangoma in the city of Beni, North Kivu, killing more than 64 people.

Officials estimate the death toll to be from 75 to 101. The attackers were described as using melee weapons, and hacked people to death.

51 bodies were found with machete wounds.

“UPDF shall never allow ADF to chop our people like this,” said Brig Karemire.


The ADF is accused of recruiting, training and radicalising women and children, as well as working with foreign jihadists, carrying out civilian massacres, killing peacekeepers, attacking Congolese army positions and killing Muslim clerics in Uganda.

The attacks targeted the historical camps of the ADF which are located in the general area of Erengeti in North Kivu province.

The affected camps were Medina, Canada, Abia, Topoke, Kajaju, Camp Richard, Makayoba and Sangote.

Karemire warned that as long as ADF remained a threat, it would be subjected to continuous bombings and other sorts of military action.

Addressing Muslim leaders during Iftar Dinner at State House Entebbe earlier this year, Museveni did not rule out returning to DRC.

Reacting to a question from one of the Muslim leaders on the killing of clerics in the country, Museveni said the “murderers are using DRC as their base.”

“That’s where they are hiding. They use DRC to hide and plan their missions which are executed from Uganda here. We know where they are hiding. Their leader (Jamil Mukulu) is here in jail,” said Museveni.

The President further pointed out that during the recent ICGLR Meeting of Heads of State at Luanda, Angola, “We presented our evidence to regional leaders on these people (ADF). We know their allies. We will not tolerate this situation.”

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