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ADF Fighter, 9 Civilians Dead in Fresh DRC Attacks

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The Congolese forces have killed an Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militant following a deadly clash in in Ndama, village, Beni, North Kivu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The dead body of the fighter was discovered behind the Ndama mosque in Ndama on Friday.

The ADF, which recently joined forces with international terrorist group, Islamic State, conducted an attack on Ndama on Tuesday.

A pregnant woman was killed in the attack while two people went missing.

It is in this battle with Congolese forces that the ADF militant was shot in the thigh.

Watalinga local leader, Paluku Singa, said the ADF fighter is “thought to have succumbed to injuries sustained in the exchange of fire with government forces.”

Meanwhile, at least 10 people, including nine civilians a Congolese soldier were killed yesterday, May 17, 2019.

The ADF, which has stepped up attacks in recent days, raided Kilhewa, a village along the Mbau-Kamango road in Beni, killing civilians indiscriminately.



The affected people had abandoned their residences due to increased attacks but returned upon being reassured of security by Congolese authorities.

It is understood ADF is increasing attacks in the area to force out civilians for the rebels to have more operational area for recruitment and training.

In Uganda, the situation on the DRC border is equally worrying. Over 17,000 Congolese have come to Uganda so far this year.

UNCHR says recent hostilities among armed groups in the DRC’s North Kivu province have led to more than 100,000 people fleeing their homes in April.

Of these, an estimated 60,000 people fled as a result of fighting around Kamango near the town of Beni in North Kivu.

Access to these insecure areas is highly challenging, making fact-checking as well as delivery of assistance virtually impossible.

UNHCR recently said it was alarmed by this situation and the potential for a significant increase in new arrivals, further complicated by the fact that a number of the newly displaced Congolese are fleeing Ebola-affected areas.

The total number of refugees in Uganda is now 1.23 million.

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