Activist Who Lost Uterus In Police Brutality Seeks Justice  

Nalongo Annet Namata aka Nana, an activist now unable to walk by herself, is calling on the Uganda Police leaders to penalize the individual police officers that put her in her current state.

Nana, who needs clutches to move around, says she went to the Police headquarters in Naguru a few months ago to meet the IGP on issues regarding human rights violations.

She says however that she ended up in the hands of violent police officers who tortured her to the extent of damaging her uterus and her bladder.

“On 24th April 2019, I was brutally beaten by Policemen and women in uniform outside the Police headquarters in Naguru without giving me any reason why they were doing it,” she says.

She says one of the female officers who she recalls by face. was very angry that she stripped her and shoved her hand in her private parts.

At the time Namata says she was six months pregnant.

” I was later taken to the hospital where my baby was delivered by C section, my bladder was repaired and later my sister signed on forms authorizing the removal of my uterus because it had been damaged beyond repair,” she says.

Nana (c) addressing the press with her premature baby

“In hospital we paid 16 million shillings. Right now I am facing financial constraints because I have been confined at home, my business was closed yet I have kids to take care of, including this premature who needs extra care”


Namata says on several occasions she has petitioned the Police but she keeps being ignored.

” I have already petitioned the Uganda Human Rights Commission and the UN who promised to do investigations in this matter.”

Sandra Oryema, the board chairperson Legal Service Providers Network (LAPSNET) who had paid Nana a visit, assured her of legal support from their lawyers who will work with her personal lawyers.

Sylivia Mubiru Executive Director LAPSNET asked Police to ensure that it protects all Human rights defenders at various levels and it should take charge of acts committed by their officers who were in line of duty

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga however, says the police can’t do much about this matter which is currently before court

“We don’t think we tortured anybody as its alleged, we have got medical forms and CCTV footage of the whole incident which will help us in our defense before the courts of law,” he said

On whether there has been a police officer who has been charged or suspended as a result of this act, Enanga says this will also be part of their evidence in court.

It should be remembered that in the newly signed Human Rights Enforcement Act (2019) any Police officer who engages in violation of another person’s rights will compensate the victim personally.

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