ActionAid Uganda Accounts Finally Unfrozen

The central bank finally unfroze the accounts of ActionAid Uganda after nearly three months of closure, with government citing subversion.

“The leadership of ActionAid Uganda is pleased to inform its partners, supporters, and staff that our quest to have our bank accounts unfrozen has been achieved following constructive discussions with some agencies of government,” partly reads a statement on the ActionAid Uganda website.

Despite the development, ActionAid Uganda officials vowed to continue with its suit before court challenging the seizure of their accounts.

“We will however continue to seek restitution within the law, as we are entitled, in order to meet our own obligations to members, donors, and communities we serve. As we have stated before there was no justifiable basis for the action taken against ActionAid when the police raided our office and confiscated property on 20th September 2017 and the subsequent order to freeze our Bank Accounts on 6th of October 2017,” further reads the statement.

Police in September raided and searched the non-governmental organisation’s premises in Kampala, saying it was acting on intelligence that the non-governmental organization was funding opposition groups opposed to lifting of the presidential age limit.

The officers impounded computers, mobile phone handsets of staff and important documents as part of their investigations.

Police conducted similar raids on the offices of Great Lakes Initiative for Strategic Studies (GLISS) and Uhuru Institute.

A few days later, The BoU deputy Governor Dr Louis Kasakende wrote to the Standard Chartered bank Managing Director on October 3 explaining that the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) of the police was investigating ActionAid International Uganda for alleged conspiracy to commit a felony and money laundering.


Stanchart was directed to freeze the bank accounts Pursuant to section 110 of the Financial Institutions Act, 2004.

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