Accept Election Results Or Face Us – Warns Gen Katumba

The police force has for the second time cleared the air over alleged remarks by their boss Gen Kale Kayihura in reference to crime preventers.

The Observer newspaper on Monday quoted Gen Kayihura while speaking at a pass-out in Sebei region that he would arm crime preventers with rifles other than the sticks they currently move with.

He was also quoted as saying once defeated in the 2016 elections, ailment he ruling government would not hand over power.

Addressing journalists in Kampala on Thursday afternoon, tadalafil the Assistant IGP in charge of Interpol and communication for the joint task force comprising the police, army and prisons said the police boss had been misquoted by the press.

“He was only telling them (crime preventers) what they ought to do in case the worse comes to worst that they could be given guns if the country is faced with an external attack but not as quoted by the media,” Kasingye said.

“Why would the media then go ahead to implode words not said by the IGP yet he was only saying they would be called in as a reserve force for the army if the country gets an external enemy? Nowhere did he say crime preventers were to be armed.”

The Assistant Inspector General of Police quoted the police act which gives power to police to act as the reserve force for the army in case of any external aggression adding that with time the crime preventers would be incorporated into the police force.

Kasingye further refuted claims that Gen Kayihura had said government   could not hand over power to the opposition.


“I called him and asked to meet him in his office to clear air about the said remarks and he said all that was not said by him. We challenge them (media) to present a recording of the IGP making the said remarks,” he fumed.

On the police force having more than 11 million crime preventers countrywide, Kasingye said he personally feels this number is still small adding that if all Ugandans were recruited, the level of crime would drop to zero.

“As modest people they have a duty to apologize for what they wrote but they are also at liberty not to do it,” Kasingye advised.
With just about three weeks to the long awaited general elections, sildenafil as campaigns intensify and politicians trade more tirades and counteraccusations, the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has once again come out to caution those preparing for anarchy after the election.

The UPDF Chief of Defense Forces Gen Edward Katumba Wamala on Thursday afternoon urged politicians and stakeholders in the coming election, to be ready to accept the results that will be announced, and live peacefully with them.

Gen. Wamala said the national armed forces would under no circumstances allow anybody to disrupt the country’s peace because they are not satisfied with the results.

“All we ask is that you go and take part in the election, win or lose. If you lose, go back home and wait for the other year. Uganda doesn’t end on February 18th,” stressed the CDF. “You have no right to destabilize the country because this country is bigger than individuals.”

He added, “As the army together with other security organs, we will be here to ensure that the winner celebrates in peace and the loser mourns in peace.”

Wamala was today speaking at the City Hall in Kampala at the launch of the army’s week, ahead of the Tarehe Sita celebrations, which marks the army’s 35st anniversary.

The main celebrations will be held at the Kololo Independence grounds on February 6th.

“We cannot seek to go back where we came from. No right-minded Uganda would want to see what we are seeing in other countries. Some people are saying there is excessive peace. Don’t you ever desire to have even the minimum insecurity,” said Wamala.

“Anyone who is telling you to disrupt peace, we can assure you that as UPDF if it comes to that, then we shall not agree with you. We have tasted insecurity and we know what it means.”

A number of politicians including the incumbent Yoweri Museveni’s main challenger Dr Kizza Besigye have already expressed their reservations on government’s commitment to a free and fair election.

Dr Besigye has consequently built his campaign on the catchword ‘defiance,’ preparing his supporters to reject any any form election malpractice.

Meanwhile, the CDF lashed out at government critics who get angry every time such historic events as Tarehe Sita are held, and reminded them that no one can ever run away from their history.

“Many people have tried to change history, but that part of history of this country will never change; that on Feb 26 1981, a people’s army was born.”

“They keep asking why we always refer back to the old days. But that is like saying you have grown old and you don’t want to know anything more about your mother. No matter how old, she is still your mother. The NRA is our mother.”

He added, “People don’t like to be reminded, but I can tell you that 30 years ago, this city (Kampala) had 5 different armies and governments running it, each with its own jurisdiction. People were merely fighting for property left behind by Indians. Today KCCA is reliant on taxes collected from properties owned by Ugandans here in the capital. This is all because of the good environment that the army has managed to provide.”

The Tarehe Sita week will be marked with a number of civil military activities “as pay back to the citizen’s support to our work.”

The activities will include free medical care, public health activities, general cleaning, and spraying homes among others.

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