Abiriga Murder: Odonga Otto Demands Protection for Age Limit MPs

Aruu County MP  Hon Odonga Otto has said the gruesome murder of his colleague Ibrahim Abiriga last evening should serve as a wake-up call for President Yoweri Museveni to think of providing more protection to member of Parliament, especially those that support him.

President Museveni, according to Odonga, is the only man in the country, fully insulated from this kind of fate, yet hundreds of politicians who took a risk for him live daily in imminent danger.

The MP was referring to the 317 MPs who late last year voted in support of the constitutional amendment to remove the presidential age limit from the constitution.

Judging from the motive of Abiriga’s assailant’s, Odonga said, “there are over 316 victims remaining out there.”

The Arua Municipality MP and former Arua and Yumbe RDC, Hon Abiriga was Friday evening gunned down in his car along with his bodyguard by assailants who were traveling on a bodaboda motorcycle.

President Yoweri Museveni this morning visited the murder scene and the home of the deceased which is a stone throw away, describing the killers as idiots.

But according to Odonga, the president should be thinking about the safety of the MPs who through the age limit vote, put themselves in “an irreversible trap.”

He noted, “Only President Museveni can fully protect himself from such vicious assailants with security check points around him, bullet proof vest and hat, bullet diverters, bullet proof vehicles etc, but what about the MPs?”


“Should we turn Parliament into a 5 year  boarding school where members live in dormitories for their safety until the end of their uncertain term 2021/23?.”

Hon Odonga said this level of political intolerance should not be cultured in the Ugandan Politics, adding that MPs like any other voters should be respected for their choices.

He went on to pay a glowing tribute to the 62 year old Abiriga, who he described as a “brother, and a nice humorous man”

“The hand on the trigger   propelled the bullet by hatred, this was no accident or coincidence the motive seems to be glaring and they wanted then “yellow” man six feet deep.”

“Hon. Abiriga joked to me over a drink at wine garage that his pants where even yellow. He was quite a nice and down to earth man.”

“A dead person learns nothing only the living learns from the manner of the death of the dead.”

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