Abiriga Murder: Museveni Orders Installation of Tracking Devices in All Cars, Motorcycles

President Yoweri Museveni has announced government plans to introduce forceful installation of tracking devices in every car and motorcycle in the country, as a way of dealing with the rampart murders in the country.

President Museveni while speaking Saturday at the Heroes Day in Kakumiro, apologized for the inconvenience that this is likely to cause, but asked Ugandans to be understanding and appreciate the circumstances.

The decision follows last night’s assassination of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

Museveni said he for long has been opposed to security measures that could inconvenience other people, such as road blocks, but added that time had come to act on the perpetrators of callous murders, and to “avenge our people.”

The president, speaking Runyoro, attributed the murder of the 62-year old MP in Matugga, as well as similar murders in the past, on the rapid development of urban areas, which he said has led to a population explosion, increase in cars and buildings and also reduced interaction and communication between neighbors.

In trying to deal with these murders, Museveni said government has been relying mostly on intelligence, and not intrusive operations such as road blocks.

“But now,we are going to ask Ugandans to let us to do certain things, and when we ask you, don’t say that we are harassing you,” he said.

Museveni revealed that government now wants to introduce tracking devices, which can be installed in cars or motorcycles to help monitor the location of these vehicles at all times.


“If the motorcycle is in Birembo, the computer will tell us that it is in Birembo. This will help us with these murderers,” he said.

“But we are going to ask that you install these devices with your own money; we will not use government money. If anybody wants to buy a car or a motorcycle, they must install that device.”

“The device will be placed at a point where it cannot be removed. If you tamper with it, the computer will alert us.”

Museveni added, “What we are aiming at is securing the people and ensuring that there is peace. What these fools, the murderers don’t know is that we will not let them use this peace to stir up the country.

“We decided to let everyone do as they want. We let you drink and gamble all you want. People often come to me and say that I am sleepy because I let my people drink all night, unlike in other countries; but I tell them, let my children drink. Now, these fools think that they will use this peace to kill our people. They think we have no options. We have all the options but sometimes we leave them, so as not to inconvenience Ugandans.”

The President said the murderers’ motive is to fail his government, but noted that government will “fight back and avenge our people.”

“If you kill our person; we shall avenge…you will pay with your blood.

President Yoweri Museveni this morning visited Hon Abiriga’s family this morning, and told the people in Kakumiro that he was “deeply angered.”

He noted also that the place where the deceased MP Abiriga was staying was too undeveloped, with dirty roads, and hard to reach by security.

He said he questioned the local leaders why the roads were not paved when government gave them the equipment to do so.

At the Heroes’ Day event, Museveni gave out medals to a number of people including his guest, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, whom he awarded “The Most Excellent Order of the Pearl of Africa – The Grand Master’ award.

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