Abiriga Insists Arua Backs Age Limit Bill Despite Protests

Arua municipality MP, Ibrahim Abiriga has maintained that the campaign to remove the presidential age limit from the constitution in favoured in his home district, despite youths protests that broke out there yesterday.

Abiriga, while speaking to Chimpreports dismissed the accusations of his youthful constituents and stated that everyone in Arua municipality and the West Nile region are in the support of the age limit amendment.

“My people Arua municipality and beyond agreed during campaigns that Museveni should stay paka last. Those youths are just pretenders and no one is following them,” Abiriga said.

A section of youths in Arua town on Tuesday staged a demonstration against Abiriga and the State Minister for Investments, Evelyn Anite for championing the presidential age limit amendment

The youths says the two MPs don't represent their constituents' views
The youths says the two MPs don’t represent their constituents’ views

.The youths calling themselves the 73rd Parliament carried placards condemning Abiriga and Anite who is also Koboko Municipality MP, for forgetting about the interests of the people and instead pushing for the removal of article 102 (b) of the Constitution which restricts the presidential aspirant’s age at 75.

“We are economically suffering and seeing no hope since our leaders have decided to abandon our interests and jumping on alien agenda,” the 73rd Parliament Chairperson Drate Yassin said.

“We are tired of self-seekers who are only looking at money and consolidating themselves in cabinet,” one of the protestors was heard saying.

The youths who are mainly bodaboda riders, underemployed and unemployed also vowed to “protect” the Constitution to make sure the presidential age limit is not amended.

Police in Arua spent the whole of Tuesday in running battles with the protestors on the streets and six of them were arrested.

Mr Drate Yassin said they will not give up until Anite and Abiriga forward the “people’s” interests to the National Assembly.

“We will fight on defending our constitution for it is the only document that we are left with to guard us from self-seekers and opportunists who don’t care about our future.”

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