Abid Alam Asks Court to Dismiss Charges Against Him

City businessman Abid Alam has asked Buganda road grade one Magistrate Jane Ketty Acaa to dismiss the case in which he is accused of conspiring with police officers to defeat justice.

The matter came up in court on Wednesday with expectations that there would be new updates on the case.

However, the Resident State Attorney Jannat Kitimbo informed court that investigations in the matter are still underway.

She requested for a two-week adjournment which was opposed by the defence counsels.

Through his lawyers, Abid said such endless extensions had greatly affected him and asked for the case to be dismissed.

“On several occasions this matter has been coming up, the prosecution has been asking for adjournments which clearly shows that this matter was brought prematurely.”

He asked court to grant one final adjournment for this matter and once the state fails to commence hearing, the matter should be dismissed

The lawyer representing the accused police officer also called for an end to the case.


“We asks you to consider the negative perception arising from charging a public officer; A1 is on interdiction because of this case and his source of livelihood is grossly affected since he is receiving half pay.”

The prosecutor based these delays on the Covid 19 pandemic which has put most of the activities on standstill including keeping most of the public offices closed.

In her ruling, the magistrate gave the prosecution the last adjournment and pushed the matter to 16th October 2020.

Prosecution contends that on 8th April 2020 between Mityana regional police office and in Kampala district the police officers released confidential information in Police case file number CRB 234/2020 Alam.

These charges resulted from actions of people said to be attached to the businessman who destroyed people’s houses, banana plantations, raped women and assaulted people in Bukoba village.

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