A Leader’s Vision Defines What The Organization Will Look Like In The Future

A visionary leader is described as someone with a compelling vision to see beyond the uncertainty and challenges of today and able to project the better tomorrow. Visionary leaders are not authoritative or dictatorial and don’t seek control over their subjects.

They have the wit to provide freedom to employees to determine the best path to actualize their vision. Here are some of the traits all visionary leaders should possess.

 Good communicator

You should be able to boldly and clearly drive your point because a visionary leader should possess good communication skills.  Jane Mugasa, the Director Home Clean Enterprises says that you should know how to verbalize your dreams and goals and they should be realistic.

You should be able to listen to other people’s ideas and respect what they think. She adds that a good leader should always be able to explain to his team everything that he is doing such that other team members can advise accordingly in case there is need.

Strategic Planner

Mugasa adds that you have to be a strategic planner, a trait that will help you to plan ahead to make the best moves. “Strategic planning involves creating an action plan with a particular strategy in mind; the leader’s vision defines what the organization will look like in the future and how it will function. His strategies are designed to take him toward his ultimate vision,” she says.

Open minded


Peter Muhwezi a political aspirant notes that you should hold a big picture in mind and be flexible on how to get to where you are heading. Be receptive to new information that can hold multiple perspectives. This open-mindedness allows you to navigate difficult situations with a flexible mind, pulling from many resources and sometimes unrelated industries to arrive at creative solutions,” he observes.


Muhwezi believes that every visionary leader should be exemplary in a way or another, this will encourage your subjects to respect you and act according.

“They are supposed to ignite people’s passions as well as driving their emotions in the right direction to bring out the best in the people they lead,” he says.


Mugasa also says that a good leader should be collaborative noting that no one person can bring a vision to life alone. It takes a talented team to work together and this requires a visionary leader to inspire others to connect their unique gifts and strengths to innovate and find creative solutions.

He adds that they should be able to create an open environment where people learn to trust each other.


Muhwezi believes that every political leader should be patient and persistent; to him obstacles are constant and should not scare a leader.

A visionary leader should push through difficulties and setbacks as nothing ever comes easily. What will set you apart is how you will overcome the difficulties. He says that you should remain responsive enough to pivot and make course corrections.


Mugasa also says that visionary leaders hold a positive outlook for the future and that they are always hopeful that they will achieve success.

They don’t view problems as personal, permanent, or persistent, instead, they are impersonal, temporary, and relate only to the present situation. These leaders are driven to create more value .Their optimism is infectious throughout the organization and it’s a powerful anchor when setbacks occur.


She adds that a good leader must be bold and daring. “It calls for being courageous and daring with the wiliness to take calculated risks.  They don’t fear failure as much as they fear not going for it but aim at fostering innovative organizations.

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