A Case of Martha Kay: Why Send Your Boyfriend Nudes?

We have had cases where girls send their nude pictures to their boyfriends and when things go sour, men use them to tarnish their names and belittle their status in public.  Singer Desire Luzinda’s Nigerian boyfriend put her nude pictures out due to misunderstanding and lately its comedian Martha Kay.

Martha said in a tweet that what happened was a “breach of trust and privacy.”

She said she had reported the person who leaked the pictures to police.

But why do girls continue sending nude pictures to their boyfriends despite the nasty experiences?

They think it shows trust.

Jane Kawoya, a relationship counselor, notes that most women share their nude pictures to show their boyfriends that they trust them. She however stresses that trust can be shown in so many ways but not through nude pictures.

“Girls should learn that the so much trust you have given to someone may be a weapon to fight you in future. People are crazy nowadays. For a simple misunderstanding, he will never hesitate to expose you more so if you leave him for another man,” she says.

Sign of love


Kawoya adds that some women think sending someone nude pictures shows that you love them a lot.

We sometimes assume someone loves you the same yet they are just toying with you.

You should never show love by exposing your body inside out as you don’t know what you mean to someone.

“Some girls get obsessed with love. They will pose for those pictures and send them even when the man has not asked for them,” she says.

Here is why you should never pose for nude pictures

No one knows the future

You could be nobody today but may turn into a very responsible person in future, maybe politician, executive director among others. This could be a weapon people will use to fight you all the time.

“People forget that we are now in a dot com era, those nudes will never fade and people will always throw them in your face. Imagine if Bobi Wine had taken nude photos how he would be facing a backlash from the public,” says Margret Tumusiime, a counsellor.

She adds that even if you are so much in love, limit your zeal to hugs and kisses as nudes will destroy you.


Tumusiime adds that you have a status to hold as an individual in whatever capacity. You should have a conscience that you deserve respect, and it all begins with you. If someone cannot love you without your nude pictures let them go. Every woman stands to be respected, let private things be private.

It may not last

If you are just dating, Kawoya notes that chances are 1/10 for the relationship to work out. Why then trust so much without even knowing where you are heading.

“If it’s a married woman with children, I would say he may not expose them for the sake of their children but you who is just starting out what does he have to lose?” wonders Kawoya.


Tumusiime adds that some women don’t know that that is self-exploitation.

You can’t be that crazy to even use yourself to please someone. Your boyfriend doesn’t need to have your nude pictures to love you.


Men have friends who they trust and be sure they may see those pictures. He may not show them to anyone  that is if he is loyal) but a friend could be going through the photos and land on them.

What if you mistakenly send to a different person? And what if your boyfriend loses the phone and the photos land in someone else’s hands?

Tumusiime advises that you should never use your naked body to entice anyone as it could destroy you, lower yourself esteem and make people lose respect for you.

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