Minister Lokodo Unveils New Weaponry Against Corruption

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Hon. Lokodo who for the past couple of months dominated headlines for his infamous Anti Pornography Bill, chairs the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity which quarterly brings together over ten national anti-corruption agencies to moderate government efforts against corruption, which include among others the IGG, DPP, and Anti corruption court.

He made the remarks as he officiated the launch of a new report on corruption in Uganda, compiled by Uganda Debt Network at hotel Africana on Thursday.

Lokodo highlighted poor enforcement measures and not just lack of government will, as being central in the corruption quagmire in which Uganda is engulfed in today.


“You cannot say that government lacks the will to fight corruption, when this was at the very center of NRA’s core values during the bush war and was clearly spelt out in the subsequent 10 point program,” he said.

He added: “The Will is there and that is why we have all these anti corruption agencies, policies and legal frameworks in place; we only lack effective enforcement measures.”

He thus spelt out a number of new strategies being considered by his ministry in a bid to combat the corruption plague which include among others advising government to donate 25 percent of funds recovered in corruption scandals to the whistle blowers, in a bid to encourage openness and more reporting.

He noted: “We could say that when you help us through whistle blowing recover sh1bn of stolen money, we give you 250 million cash prize in return.”

To this he added an intended move to have all donor funds collected on arrival into the consolidated fund from where they are moved straight to the intended beneficiaries without going through various other processes.

“This business of funds going through various offices like the Permanent secretary, then accounting officers, town clerks, and sub country chiefs makes embezzlement of the funds almost inevitable,” he noted.

He advised government to close down all dormant bank accounts, clean up all its pay rolls, and enforce regular rotation of ministry and local government technocrats adding that their long stay in one office makes them more acquitted to theft tricks and manipulation.

His remarks however sparked outrage amongst the attendants who accused him of pretending to support civil society in the fight against corruption when he himself and President Museveni are hobnobbing with some of the implicated corrupt figures.

“How dare he claim to be with us in the cause when he recently kicked out some of our colleagues accusing them of entering his office wearing black jackets on a Monday morning?” fumed former Chief Justice, Prof George Kanyeihamba

“When the citizens bamboozled by the corruption scandals by government officials took to the street to express their concerns, all that government did was round them up, clobber and dump them in jail and the same government claims a high moral ground and political will to fight corruption!” said former Ethics and Integrity Minister, Miria Matembe.

Meanwhile members of the public were advised to identify and show support to the NRM Rebel Mps so as to intensify pressure on government.

It was also resolved that their name in public instead be changed to ‘redeemer MPs’ and more efforts be made to have more of such mps in parliament.

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