Address Causes Of Coups, Rebellions

view geneva;”>While delivering the State of the (African) Union Address to the Pan African Parliament, visit this site Dr. Dlamini Zuma said there are still challenges to governance in Africa including unconstitutional changes in government manifesting itself in coups, prolonged stay in power, vote rigging or holding less than credible elections.

Choosing not to mention countries where some or all of these have happened or are happening, Dr. Zuma also sighted rebellions which often suspend democratic institutions including parliaments.

“We cannot have a strong Pan African Parliament if democracy is truncated and democratically elected governments are removed through unconstitutional means,” she said.

She added, “It is therefore incumbent upon members of the PAP to ensure that the fundamental causes of unconstitutional changes of government are addressed on the continent by promoting the rule of law, human rights and inclusive governance in our respective countries.”


Dr. Zuma addressed the PAP at the start of the Second Session of the Third Pan African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa, May 6, 2013.

She said that many of the elections held on the continent do not meet acceptable standards leading to post electoral disputes which sometimes end in violence.

“These draw the continent back in terms of democratization and unrealized development aspirations. There is an immediate task for (PAP) and its members to help in promoting the integrity of electoral processes in Africa to avoid post election violence and instability,” she said.

Dr. Zuma urged PAP to position itself to lead on issues of policy making, democratization and governance by giving greater voice to the African people, as the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)/African Union (AU) celebrates its 50th anniversary.

In the debate about the address, Hon. Jacqueline Amongin (Uganda) appealed to the African Union Commission to make programmes to address the issue of youth unemployment, which has forced many of them to move to the western world to find jobs.

Hon. Cecilia Atim Ogwal praised Dr. Zuma, saying that with a woman at the helm, PAP would be able to transform itself in a shorter period.

She also said that the issue of HIV/AIDS must be properly addressed considering that 50 percent of deaths due to the scourge are in Africa.

Uganda’s other representatives to PAP are Hon. Sam Amooti Otada (Kibanda), Hon. Onyango Kakoba (Buikwe North) and Hon. Beatrice Barumba (Kiruhura district).

The 50th anniversary of the OAU/AU will be celebrated under the theme: Pan Africanism and African Renaissance.

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