Universal Adult Suffrage Recommended For PAP Members

story http://charlesdunn.com/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/aioseop_feature_manager.php geneva;”>H.E Dramani Mahama, treatment who was speaking at the opening of the Second Session of the Third Pan African Parliament in Midrand, viagra South Africa, May 6, 2013, said universal adult suffrage for the election of representatives to PAP would be “a major step in its transformation.”

“The African Union must hasten its evolution into a union of people, and not merely a union of governments. The Pan African Parliament can contribute to that process by organizing the election of its members through universal adult suffrage in our member countries,” he said.

PAP was inaugurated in 2004 and was intended to ensure the full participation of African people in the development and economic integration of the continent. It is currently an advisory and consultative organ of the AU, with no legislative powers.

The current members of PAP are elected by and are members of their national parliaments. Uganda’s representatives are Hon. Cecilia Atim Ogwal (Dokolo district), Hon. Sam Amooti Otada (Kibanda), Hon. Onyango Kakoba (Buikwe North), Hon. Beatrice Barumba (Kiruhura district) and Jacqueline Amongin (Ngora district).


“Now is the time for the Pan African Parliament to make its own transition from that of a deliberative body to that of a legislative one. Now is the time for the PAP to solidify the energy of solidarity and hope that is sweeping across the continent,” said H.E Dramani Mahama.

H.E Dramani Mahama, who was one of Ghana’s representatives to PAP from 2004 until his elevation to Vice President in 2008, said his support for granting PAP full legislative powers is due to the challenges that have no regard to national boundaries including drug trafficking, human trafficking, addressing the impact of climate change, deforestation, desertification and land degradation.

“We would be better able to prevent, regulate and even reverse these situations if we handled them as one unified body as opposed to many individual countries, some with limited reach or resources,” he said.

He said PAP must be able to enact laws that allow free movement of people, goods and services across the continent so as to establish and integrate free trade areas; and that a system must be established where no African is considered a foreigner in another African country.

Other recommendations suggested by the PAP Bureau intended to transform the body would have PAP members elected from outside national parliaments (just like the case for the East African Legislative Assembly).

This Session of the Third Pan African Parliament will continue until the end of next week.

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