New Medical Insurance Year Opens With New Strategies

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advice geneva;”>In Southern Province, Huye district comes second in place after Kamonyi district in medical insurance mobilization, with 85 percent of the whole population which has already paid their insurance for their families.

With two months remaining to start a new medical insurance year 2013-2014, Huye district has set a new strategy to make all the citizens pay their insurance.

The district plans to sensitize people from the village to sector level, to work closely with non-governmental organizations and church leaders to help the district in motivating people.


Eugene Kayiranga Muzuka, Huye district Mayor noted that the district plans to form small cooperatives where people can save money for insurance.

“Small cooperatives of 30 to 50 people were formed since it is the easiest way of saving money. This will make paying their medical insurance easier,” noted Muzuka.

Janviere Kabaganwa, Medical Insurance Mobilization officer in Huye district revealed the mobilisation will be made in different ways.

She further noted the district will make a follow up for these small cooperatives and see how they progress.

“Every week, the sector will report to the district, how the cooperatives are working, how people attend them. With this strategy, we hope 15 percent who didn’t pay their insurance this year, will pay in the coming one,” said Kabaganwa.

Reports in this district show that people have already understand the importance of medical insurance policy, but educating is always needed as the Mayor of the district remarked.

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