Kiggundu’s Shs1trillion Requisition Kicks Up Dust

clinic geneva;”>This ‘Strategic Plan 2013-2017’ focuses on strengthening elections management, ensuring fair elections and improving access to the voters’ register and voter education’

However, Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has shown no confidence in EC’s current commissioners and Chairman.

He remarked: “The job of Chairman EC needs to be advertised in papers with set qualifications as the Kenyans do, but as long as we have this commission led by people who are chosen by the president, they will always work on the tunes of the president.”

Lukwago asserted that this plan is being done to take away people’s attention from the demand of setting up reforms on how to constitute the commission.


He advised the Electoral Commission not to “jump to secondary stages before accomplishing primary stages.”

Bukoto South MP Mathias Nsubuga challenged the EC referring to the six months campaigning period as abnormal because the presidential candidates will not have enough funds to spend in that period.

He clearly stated: “Even the National Resistance Movement party which is in power cannot sustain its campaigns in six months.”

He then blamed EC for not seeking consultations first from other political parties.

Emmanuel Tumusiime also remarked: “This program means nothing since this EC is dominated by people who have been elected by only people in power and who appear to serve the interests of one party. Therefore, since we changed from single to multiparty system, we need an Electoral Commission where all parties are represented.”

Michael Mabike, President Social Democratic Party (SDP) condemned Kiggundu’s statement requesting for Shs1.2trillion from the government ahead of the 2016 general elections, saying such activities only benefit the incumbent.

He wondered how the government can fail to support the elections because it always requests donations from European Union in every general election.

On the contrary, Minister for Local Government, Adolf Mwesigye was very grateful about how EC conducts its duties.

He noted that EC has shown its neutral side in the past elections based on the few electoral petitions from the past elections. “The commissioners are independent on their duties and backgrounds,” he noted.

Kiggundu also noted that all political partie’s representatives were invited in consultative meetings and no one was restricted. “Some turned up and others didn’t but it was not EC’s mistake,” he added.

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