President Museveni Meets EU Envoys

buy more about geneva;”>Museveni, who cordially received the Ambassadors led by the EU head of delegation Ambassador Robert Ridolfi, discussed a wide range of issues including the Electoral reform which they noted to be important to the full realization of a democratic dispensation.

He recognized the importance of having in place a computerized voter register to avoid cases of cheating like multiple voting.

On the fight against corruption, the President agreed that Non-Governmental Organizations’ working to fight the vice are an asset to the Government of Uganda and pledged to work with such organizations to wipe out the corruption.

He also cautioned that NGOs that work as agents of external interests would not be tolerated.


The President further emphasized the importance of good financial governance coupled with vibrant private sector and investments.

He added that he is fully committed to transparency and has instructed the government to move forward with preparations for accession to the Extraction Industry Transparency Initiative.

Museveni also confirmed the imminent appointment of a second Deputy Inspector of Government, whose absence has hampered the full realization of the IGG’s mandate.

He recognized that Public Procurement plays an important role and value for money and must therefore be achieved in any event when public money is at stake. The EU and GOU agreed to further explore possibilities to finance infrastructure.

Museveni welcomed the concept of blending proposed by the EU and expressed his willingness to attend and contributing to the conference planned by the East African Community on infrastructures financing slated to take place on July 4- 5, 2013.

The EU commended the role Uganda is playing in supporting the process in Somalia through AMISOM and the good working relations within European Union Training Mission for Somalia EUTM.

He noted that he will be attending the upcoming EU day on May 9 on the invite on the head of the EU delegation Ambassador Roberto Ridolfi.

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