Drink-Driving Operations To Continue

try geneva;”>In an interview with our chimp corp, cheap Nuwabiine denied allegations that President Museveni had stopped the operations and stressed that they are still going on.

“There are allegations that we were not following the laws and that the operation had become a hazard to the security of the city because we were arresting the drunk security operatives which is not true,’’ noted Nuwabiine.

He further asserted that because of these operations, there has been a reduction in the number of road accidents in the city.

“In 2012 we had 70 accidents on average per month which reduced to 40 accidents in 2013 after the introduction of the drink driving operations. This shows a reduction by 10 percent in the accidents in Kampala,’’ added Nuwabiine.


He therefore noted that the accidents occur between midnight and 5:00am in the morning due to drivers under the influence of alcohol.

“An example is Ggaba and Entebbe roads where 80 percent of the accidents occur between this time of the night and most of these are as a result of drunk drivers,’’ noted Nuwabiine.

He emphasized that a lot has to be done if these accidents are to be minimized. “In order to reduce road accidents, we have to deal with bodabodas, speeding on highways and drink and driving,’’ he noted.

Nuwabiine noted that if these are addressed, there would be good results in one month. “I will therefore have to fight and sustain these operations in order to help reduce accidents on the roads,’’ he said.

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