Rwanda Honors 603 Victims Killed In Genocide

there decease geneva;”>Some of Genocide survivors who were present at the event were happy to give their family members a decent burial.

However, Thephille Kayirangwa, President of Ibuka in Ruhashya Sector urged the government of Rwanda to ensure that those people who were involved in the killings face justice.

Genocide victims honoured

“Here in Ruhashya sector, we still have problems we need the authorities to help us with. Some of us don’t have where to stay and several people who participated in the genocide are still out there; they faced judgment but they were not punished,” said Kayirangwa.

One of the families that buried their relatives, Mana Francois Xavier was very thankful to bury their deceased family members in respect.


“Once you find your family member, and bury him/her, you fill peaceful in your heart. It’s different from hearing that he/ she was killed but you don’t know where he/she was thrown,” noted Mana.

Huye District Mayor, Kayiranga Muzuka Eugene

The Mayor of Huye district,Eugene thanked genocide survivors of Ruhashya sector for their effort in self- resilience and promised to always assist them in resolving their problems if any.

“The responsibility of the district is to assist its residence. A good leadership is that one that helps people to live in peace, not divide them,” noted Muzuka.

He added: “We will do our best to resolve all these problems.”

Gatovu genocide memorial site

Ruhashya sector has two genocide memorial sites all consisting of remains of 45,995 genocide victims.

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