Lwakataka’s Car To Check-in Last

look geneva;”>According to the Clark of the course Charles Ssemmengo the Ponsiano’s car has been allowed as he asked and he will not be penalized for this. George Semakula his co-driver confirmed the car will be taken to Masaka Friday night.

Other drivers assemble at Shell Buddu starting 2pm for scruitneering.

Slated for Saturday with a special stage in Misaali, this is the 3rd rally on the Federation of Motorsport clubs Uganda (FMU) Calendar after the first two (Mbarara rally and Freedom City challenge rally) with 29 drivers confirmed to take part

Susan ‘super lady’ Muwonge the 2011 NRC champion who had participated in the Easter Monday sprint at Festino alone is also bracing for the bragging honours.


With new machine (Subaru N12B) Susan is expected to bring increase competition though she got an accident while in her ‘own’ wrecking yesterday thereafter confirmed that she and her machine are in good condition to take part in the event.

“My machine got a problem while checking the CS1 (competitive section 1) but during night it was worked on and its ready’ says Susan.

She may be going to face docking-off points penalty for using the route after the official recceing days. Susan needs to finish at least in top five for her to be among NRC 2013 contenders.

Ponsiano Lwakataka leads the NRC standings on 165 points with 5th placed reigning champion Jas Mangat on 85 points willing to take him down the knees after this rally.

After the last two events won by two different drivers, Ponsiano Lwakataka is leading the with 165 points but Jas Mangati who is the reigning champion is willing take him down the knees after this rally.

Mangati is 5th with 85 points, though he has always been missing some event on the calendar this year, he is yet to miss any though he only completed in one (Freedom city challenge rally).

The MPU Masaka Rally is 307.8km that will be covered in two days, Sunday taking the biggest part of the event followed by a prize giving ceremony at Golf Lane Hotel Masaka the same day.

MPU Masaka Rally Starting List

1 Ponsiano/Semakula Subaru N8

2 Duncan/Musazi Subaru N12B

3 Fitidis/Eric Subaru N12

4 Ssebuguzi/Bashir Mbogo EVO 9

5 Mangat/Gihan Subaru N12B

6 Omar Mayanja / Leon Senyanga Toyota Runnex

7 Arther Blick/Unissan Bakunda Subaru N10

8 Shafik Semujju/ Hussein Mukuye Subaru N11

9 Wycliffe Bukenya/ Frank Serugo EVO 9

10 John Consta/ Musa Nsubuga Subaru N 8

11 Susan Muwonge/ Edmond Kyeyune Subaru N12B

12 Edson Mungyereza/Enock Orling Subaru N4

13 Ismael Ortega/Jude Lugya Runx

14 Ashraf/ P Stone Subaru N10

15 Wampamba/ Lugolobi Subaru N10

16 Leila Mayanja/ Faridah Ndagire EVO 2

17 Jonas Kansiime/J Bongole Subaru N4

18 Mansoor Sanya/ Jemba Subaru N4

19 Abas Bukenya/ Subaru N4

20Rodger Kigundu/ E Mukibi Subaru N4

21 Abdul mambo/P Nsubuga Gold GTI

22 Mulika/Urban Mulindwa Celica GT

23 Mugisha/ J. Kamya EVO 8

24 Sembaulide/Rahma Subaru N4

25 Katete/Katende Subaru N4

26 Farooq Kirunda/ Subaru N4

27Mansor Lubega/ A. Mugambwa Trueno

28 Patrick Kiwewa Runnex

29 Bashir Balozi/Rita Nakigozi Subaru N10

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