FDC Fires Back At Mao: “You Eat Museveni’s Leftovers”

buy information pills mind http://ccalliance.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-site-user-endpoint.php geneva;”>FDC Deputy Publicity Secretary Francis Mwijukye was responding to Mao’s statement early this week in which he described FDC officials as “dogs.”

Mwijukye on Friday posted on his Facebook wall: “So to you Dr. Besigye is a dog owner? What about you who is eating Museveni’s leftovers under his table? What are you?”

Mwijukye’s salvo signals an escalation of a cold war between the two parties.

Several FDC supporters have weighed in the bitter exchange of words, attacking Mao for being insensitive and dancing to the NRM political tunes.


Others said Mao was high on drugs. Some DP supporters withdrew their support to the party following Mao’s divisive remarks.

Observers insist Mao is skillfully turning away spotlight on the internal political turmoil in the party as young Turks continue to pressure him to quit for taking the party on a dangerous path and alienating potential allies ahead of the 2016 presidential elections.

Pearl Akello said: “What happened have to Mao? For an Acholi to behave like this he must been provoked to the maximum. Acholi will insult but never directly like this! This is too much.”

Abel Asiimwe expressed his disappointment: “Mao is a bootlicker and such a hooligan with this language thinks he can lead the nation???? He should go and lead our colleagues in Butabika.”

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