Mao Urges Government To Defend Workers’ Rights

clinic http://cctvcameraz.com/wp-includes/ms-default-constants.php geneva;”>Mao noted that many employers have constantly refused their employees to form organizations to fight for their collective rights which are provided for by the constitution.

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He referred to some big hotels where workers are allegedly denied the right to associate with other members at the work place.

Mao further blamed the leadership of trade unions which are pocketed by government by calling upon workers to denounce such leaders.

“Strong unions like UNATU are now stuffed with billions of money to keep them silent leading to continuous suffering of these workers,” he asserted.


Mao further condemned President Museveni for devaluing medal awards that are given to people who have achieved nothing for this country. “The medals have now lost value and are being used to serve political purposes other than serving in the country’s interest,” he said.

This comes at a time after the country celebrated the International Labor Day in Tororo where the president gave out several medals to people appreciating the way they have served Uganda.

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