Nakivubo Stakes Market As Security To URA

web geneva;”>This is the second time the stadium owned by the government and under a board was being closed by URA over unpaid taxes. In 2011, when the stadium was closed, the stadium’s management pleaded to the authority and promised to pay the said taxes but in vain

The stadium, Uganda is second largest, with a sitting capacity of 18,000 people, was constructed by the colonial administration in 1921 as a native recreation ground.

A law, the Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium Trust Act, was passed in 1953 to provide for the running of the stadium. It provided for a trust to manage the facility. The sports minister appoints the trustees.

Nelson Mandela National Stadium, Namboole the largest seats 42,000 people. The only other stadium within the city is the un-developed Wankulukuku, the property of Buganda Kingdom

On Tuesday, May 30th, 34 days later Nakivubo Stadium was re-opened. The stadium management though has a big debt to URA with the controversial Park-yard market that engulfs the 15000 seater stadium as the main source of income for them to pay URA.


Nakivubo and URA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) finally to settle the Shs 338 million balance.

Ultimately, the two parties also agreed Nakivubo pays Shs 21 million every month till the debt is cleared. The bailiffs have also brought down their charge from Shs 59 million to Shs 33 million, which has to be paid upfront before the stadium resumes operations

According Hajati Minsa Kabanda one of the board members, they later signed two years post-dated cheques amounting to 21.5 million monthly and totaling to 846 million and has paid 50 million to URA before opening which they did.

There was also a task of paying the auctioneers (Simba sports auctioneers) 25 million in cash in addition to sign for them 19 million cheque.

Meanwhile all Park Yard vendors who didn’t pay the stadium dues during closing time of the stadium are subjected to pay afterall.

That’s our Nakivubo

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