President Kenyatta Increases Minimum Wage By 14 Percent

prostate geneva;”>He noted that Kenya targets to reduce the prices of food commodities so as to shield the workers from the sky rocketing inflation.

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doctor geneva;”>As he officiated this year’s Labour Day on Wednesday, Kenyatta promised that his administration will work towards reducing the prices of medicine and food as to create space for a livable wage.

In his speech, the president underscored the need for Kenya to improve productivity and national competitiveness through various schemes which are already in place.

“NSSF can use the pensions to invest in various projects to effect change in the country,” he noted.


He further promised the Kenyan workers that his government would strengthen the already existing social security institutions for the benefit of all Kenyans.

“We will strengthen social institutions so that it can benefit all Kenyans. My government has created a special unit to deal with the issues of Kenyans working abroad,” stated Kenyatta.

Kenyatta added: “Vision 2030 is anchored on skillful and talented human resource. My government shall address the increasingly unemployment and poverty reduction which has poised a major challenge,” Kenyatta said.

On his part, the Deputy President, William Ruto stressed that workers are important in the growth of the economy citing that for the country to move forward, the cost of living must be reduced gradually.

“Workers are important in this growth plan and we must lower the cost of living and for us to lower the cost of living we must boost the food production,” he noted.

Federation of the Kenya Employers (FKE) through Erastus Mwongera, commented on the newly established County governments and also on the large public debt by the government demanding it to reduce on the borrowing rate.

“We should lower the cost of living and the prices of basic commodities to reduce the cry for higher wages,” said Erastus Mwongera.

FKE reminded the government that it is the high time for Kenya to have a labour policy as it is important to have one to reduce the uncertainties in the labour market. He also stressed that Kenya’s wage bill is still high and the government should find ways of lowering it to manageable levels.

“Kenya’s wage bill is not only one of the highest in the world but also it is unsustainable,” added Mwongera.

The COTU Secretary General, Francis Atwoli noted that various sectors in Kenya have been evading taxes by giving ‘sugar-coated’ figures to KRA.

He scorned the Kenya employers saying employers claim that they don’t have money to increase worker’s salaries but they falsify numbers. He disagreed with the FKE on the wage bill noting, “Let nobody tell you that the wage bill is too high”.

Atwoli further noted that the privatization of the parastatals has rendered Kenyans jobless. He also urged the government to regulate the imports to allow fair competition of the local brands.

“When we open our markets to foreign Manufacturers, we kill infant industries like it happened to the textile factory. Kenya should export fully manufactured products which are bound to bring more revenue,” asserted Atwoli.

Atwoli took the platform to clarify on his earlier contribution on the Disbandment of the SRC commission where he said he is not for the increment of the MPs salaries. “What I said is that reduction of salaries could trickle down to a worker, that’s what I am against,” he explained.

The Labour Day Celebrations were held at the Nairobi’s Uhuru Park grounds and was attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto, Cabinet secretaries’ appointees Charity Ngilu (Lands) and Najib Balala (Mining), Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero and CoTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli among other dignitaries.

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