ADF TERROR: Security On The Edge

view geneva; font-size: small;”>Passengers are being thoroughly checked before boarding buses while social places and government institutions are being heavily guarded.

remedy geneva; font-size: small;”>Police patrols have been intensified in the city and proprietors of social places urged to step up security at their premises and remain vigilant.

Security sources say high ranking government officials have been told to avoid strange visitors while security at the President’s office, Parliament and Office of the Prime Minister has been stepped up.

The move followed IGP Lt Gen Kale Kayihura’s press statement on April 26 that police had received information of plans by Al Shabaab terrorists and their collaborators to carry out attacks within the East African Region, and in particular targeting Uganda.


“We, together with sister security agencies, are verifying this information. However, as a precaution, we are activating the counter terrorism measures to prevent the evil plans of these dangerous criminals,” said Kayihura.

“These measures are a combination of vigilance of the Police supported by the other security agencies, vigilance of owners/proprietors, especially of public buildings, and the general public.”

Sources say rebel Allied Democratic Forces has for long been collaborating with Al Shabaab to explode bombs with the aim of destroying lives and buildings in Kampala.

Kayihura noted that fighting terrorism requires the vigilance of each and every member of the public and “we, therefore, call upon each and every one of you to join our efforts to counter the evil plans against our country.”

Chimp Corp Michael Nteza who is the bus park in downtown Kampala says a wave of fear and uncertainty has swept the business area as police personnel beef up patrols.

He says police are using sniffer dogs to detect explosives in buses.

Peter Ngozi, a trader in the area says while he takes police caution seriously, there is nothing much he can do to avoid being a victim of a possible terror strike.

“In downtown Kampala, there are so many people carrying luggage. You can’t easily identify a terrorist,” said Ngozi.

Terrorists in 2010 struck Kampala hangouts, killing over 80 innocent civilians.

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