Activists Want Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Rabadaba Arrested

click cialis 40mg http://coaststringfiddlers.com/wp-includes/registration.php geneva;”>recipe http://ddmdevelopment.com/wp-includes/shortcodes.php sans-serif;”>The activists through their umbrella body called Human Rights Defenders Association of Uganda have petitioned police and the general criminal justice system to arrest singers like Bobi Wine and the entire firebase crew, Chameleone, and Rabadaba for their alleged “indefensible crimes.”

Speaking to our Corp on Monday at Hotel Africana, the association’s boss Gideon Tugume said that as human rights defenders they could not put up anymore with such continued impunity by artists yet security forces are not making any punitive response.

“We are greatly concerned with the way musicians in Uganda are behaving and wondering whether the laws governing this country does not include them,” roared Tugume.

He added: “We see Bobi Wine and his group using intoxicant drugs in full view of police officers, then you have Chameleone beating up people, urinating on them and spitting in their mouths, and recently a man was killed in his house but no arrests have been made up to date.”


He also mentioned singer Rabadaba who allegedly stabbed his colleague with a knife but nobody cared to follow it up satisfactorily.

Tugume called upon the police and all law enforcers to probe into cases of musicians receiving money from people to perform on their functions only to wait for them in vain and no refunds are made.

“We therefore call for the arrest of especially Bobi Wine and Chameleone for promoting drug use, drunk driving and driving without permits, and all sorts of other offences harmful to the community, so as to reveal to all Ugandans that nobody is above the law,” he added.

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