Musumba, Mawanda Arrest Sparks Outrage

this geneva; color: #222222; font-size: small;”>The activists under their umbrella body, ambulance the Human Rights Defenders Association of Uganda, expressed concern over the detainees being “confined, tortured and denied chance to appear in courts of law in foreign countries when Government of Uganda is only watching idly.”

The activists are giving Indians an ultimatum of one week to have the duo tried in courts of law or released back home, failure of which the subsequent reaction would not be on them to blame.

Having brought to light the plight of Ugandans jailed in foreign countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa and other countries and now in India, the crusaders are asking the government to be considerate of its people entangled in such quagmire.

As he addressed the press on Monday, the association’s Executive Director, Gideon Tugume notified of a difficult life faced by Africans in India.


“There are over 120 Ugandans held at various prisons in India. 20 are at Moradabab Central jail, 15 at Uhar Pradesh Dasna jail, 38 women at Tihar jail in New Delhi while 34 are detained at Bangolore Central prison,” he noted.

“Our concern is that these people have not been taken to courts for over two years now yet in prison most inmates are being sexually harrased, and tortured by fellow inmates which is the order of the day across the country’s prisons,” said Tugume.

Tugume added: “We have information that Videocon Chairman who is the 38th richest man in India, Mr. Venugopal Dhoot, the former president of the India Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a conman. With his brother Jakumar an MP, they used the same tricks of listing companies on London stock exchange, in Mexico, Italy, China and Poland where they earned billions of dollars before disappearing back to India, and on trying to follow them up, victims were arrested charged and later deported.”

Tugume also highlighted other tricks being used by Indians in Uganda to con locals of their money and property including land.

“Our association has learnt that over 20,000 land titles in Uganda are being held. Some Indians make land owners sign on transfer papers before being paid and then deposit the titles in banks owned by fellow Indians; they get money and disappear back to India.

“The malice and heartlessness being exhibited by Indians in Uganda today appears as though they are avenging the 1972 expulsion by Amin of their countrymen from Uganda,” noted Tugume.

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