Uganda Artists Embrace The Copyright Law

hospital price geneva;”>While taking part in the World Intellectual Property Day celebrations in Kampala on Friday, Andrew Benon Kibuuka, President UPRS noted that this law will help the industry to get to another level.

“This industry employs most of the youths in order to encourage more to join the industry, therefore we have to protect it,’’ noted Kibuuka.

He further revealed that the government can earn more money from the industry if its protected by laws. “In Nigeria the film industry provides more money to its government than the oil industry,’’ noted Kibuuka.

The artistes further asserted that protecting the artists’ work would encourage innovativeness among them which would help develop the country and increase employment opportunities in the country.


“If the copyright law is enforced, we will be ready to work with government to see that we can create more employment to the youths who earn from our works,’’ noted Messach SSemakula, a music artist.

“We want to move to the level of developed countries by protecting investors in our country through the copy right law,’’ noted Ronald Mayinja (artist).

The artists therefore called upon the police to enforce this law.

Through the copyright law, all registered artists with original works would earn something from the sale of their works by different individuals in the country.

The law would also require the police to make sure that only original copies of the artist’s works are circulated onto the market.

Furthermore, Government through this act would also be able to earn some revenue from the artists.

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