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M23 Rebels, South Africa Troops Take “War Positions”

recipe http://daa.asn.au/wp-includes/theme.php geneva;”>Makenga on Thursday night ordered his combatants to be on class one standby following intelligence that South African troops, sales who were deployed in DRC last month, seek had started taking positions near rebel-held territory.

“At the present moment South African forces have taken positions which are less than 15 kilometres away from M23 positions in Munigi on the outskirts of Goma,” said a source, adding, “The Tanzanian forces have also arrived in Uvira, South Kivu Province and the Tanzanian commander of the troops is in Goma town.”

It also emerged that at least 30 French military personnel had jetted in and were residing at The Linda Hotel in Goma.

Intelligence sources say M23 combatants have for the last three months been deeply embroiled in covert training of at least 10,000 guerilla commandos who are expected to engage the UN intervention Brigade any time from now.


The rebels intend to seize the provincial town of Goma to cut off supplies to the UN intervention Brigade.

Impeccable military sources told this website that Makenga has already resolved that should his men be attacked, he will advance, strike and seize Goma with the view of marching to Kinshasha to topple President Joseph Kabila.

The situation is so precarious, forcing several Congolese refugees to move to the Ugandan border.

Speaking on Thursday at his base in Bunagana, Makenga warned: “We shall not surrender nor accept to be denied rights to exist on our ancestral land. We fight for our rights; we have to defend our lives, unless if the world believes that we must accept arbitrary arrests, and extermination of our families from the face of the Congo.”

He added: “We shall not surrender nor accept to be denied rights to exist on our own. The UN is set to unleash war in North and South Kivu and Maniema Provinces.”

M23 officials say the UN is bent on unleashing war on the people of East DRC all in the name of supporting the corrupt regime of Joseph Kabila and FARDC (the DRC national army) that specializes in raping and brutalizing the citizens of DRC.

“The UN, through its so called ‘enforcement’ brigade comprised of South African and Tanzanian forces with French military personnel as part of the team, are to help the brutal army of Joseph Kabila to gain control over East DRC and install a reign of rape and terror over the population.

FARDC was confirmed by UN to have raped 126 women in Minova in November 2012 and was recently involved in another raping spree in Manono territory, Katanga Province but is at the same time supported by the UN so called intervention brigade that is supposedly ready to ‘’enforce’’ peace by igniting war in East DRC,” M23 said in a statement on Thursday.

“Operation Turquoise of 1994 Rwanda is set to be recreated in Kivu where the FDLR and other killers like Mai Mai Nyatura and Janvier Karairi’s APCLS that has on more than one occasion stated their aversion to the Congolese Kinyarwanda speaking people of East DRC, are bound to find sanctuary and support from the French,” it added.

M23 further noted that the stage for war is set considering that the “UN has decided that the people of Kivu provinces deserve more death, destruction and displacement all in the name of lending support to a corrupt and inefficient regime and an army of rapists.”

The Movement which has since last year threatened President Kabila’s hold on power, blasted the UN for being manipulated by France and US, countries that “believes that ‘’peace’’ will be enforced in this war torn region through more violence, destruction of life and property and displacement of the population of Kivu Provinces.”

M23 rebels say the voices of reason like that of President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos who have stated that deployment of foreign forces in Kivu Provinces will not bring peace to the region, have been ignored by those who seek above all else to go to war with M23 whom they view as a stumbling block to their economic and political interests in East DRC.

“The M23 have given all possible effort to the resolution of the conflict through negotiations. They withdrew from Goma, they declared a unilateral ceasefire in January 2013 and they have since been present in Kampala to participate in the peace process which the DRC Government was never serious to pursue from the onset.

On 24th April 2013 the DRC Government delegation abandoned the talks in Kampala and returned to Kinshasa. M23 returned to Bunagana the next day on 25th April 2013 as there was nothing left to salvage from the Kampala negotiations.”

M23 rebels last year captured Goma before surrendering the strategic town due to pressure from the international community.

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