Traders Reject PVOC Program

mind geneva;”>page sans-serif;”>This program is aimed at reducing counterfeit goods into the country, and traders need to verify their goods before being imported into the country.

As he addressed traders and UNBS officials today, Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) spokesperson, Issa Ssekitto expressed the traders’ concern of who is to pay the verification fees between the importers and the exporters.

“The people whom we buy the goods from are the ones supposed to meet the verification costs so as to determine the quality of their goods and not us,” said Ssekitto.

Zziwa Livingstone, a textile importer called upon all countries to emulate Hong Kong and clearly differentiate between goods for export and those manufactured for home use.


In an exclusive interview with our chimp corp, Gideon Badagawa, Executive Director of Private Sector called upon government to make the contracts made with the inspection firms public so that the traders can be able to know exactly what is in the contracts.

“We should be able to know whether the inspection firms received some money to do this work and if not, then who is to pay the inspection and verification costs,” noted Badagawa.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde called upon traders to be calm and noted that her ministry is going to look into these agreements and consult with the concerned stakeholders on what to do.

UNBS had introduced this program to ensure that all goods that are to be brought into the country are inspected and verified to conform to the Ugandan standards before being brought into the country.

Therefore, for the success of this program, the government entered into agreements with certain companies to inspect goods like toys, electronic appliances, cosmetics, foods, beverages and mosquito nets before being brought into Uganda.

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