No More GAVI Scandals, Warns Health Minister

price geneva; color: #222222; font-size: small;”>This follows reintroduction of the Global Alliance for Vaccine and immunization (GAVI) funding scheme that seeks to bolster the despondent immunization coverage in the country, order which had been cut off in 2006 following an embezzlement scandal of the same funds involving the then minister Jim Muhwezi, there Dr. Kamugisha and Capt. Mike Mukula.

The ministry asserts that the previous unfortunate incidences provided a good lesson for them and that no loopholes will be left unattended.

While speaking to journalists at the Golf course hotel on Thursday, State Minister for Primary Health Care, Hon. Sarah Opendi noted that numerous teams have been spread out to monitor every penny spent throughout the entire vaccination process.

“The corrupt heads previously utilized various ambiguities in the ministerial structures to swindle vaccination moneys using such platforms as organizing fake workshops and other unaccounted activities,” she said.


“We now have in place numerous teams spread out there to ascertain of whether or not such consortiums actually take place and how much money is particularly spent on each and every one of them,” she added.

Opendi sternly attacked a group of unscrupulous individuals in certain communities who go around misleading people not to take their children for immunization.

She said that while attending at the official launch of the African Vaccination week on Wednesday in Kamuli district, she was informed of a certain religious sect referred to as the ‘Triple Six Cult’ which has embarked on cautioning people to shun these new vaccination programs because they are satanic.

“These people have the guts of moving around with speakers warning people against immunizing their children, taking them to school, administering any vaccination, utilizing any health facilities, and in other instances they advise them not to bathe their bodies!”

She noted that her ministry had liaised with police to comb the entirety of Bulambuti and other areas where such culprits have been reported, hunt them down and bring them to court for charges of spreading wrong and harmful information to the masses.

Opendi called upon Ugandans to embrace the newly introduced Pnuemococcal Vaccine to prevent their children under the age of five from succumbing to the deadly vaccine preventable disease.

“PCV Immunization has been engraved among the Uganda health Minimum package and has been well incorporated within the health sector strategic investment plan and as such it must be reflected in all district work plans and other health care facilities at all levels,” she added.

Speaking at the occasion, Ministry of Health’s Dr. Irene Mwenyango, noted that the new vaccine has cost government up to $2,123,578, while GAVI contributed $21,235,783 to the total $22,433,091 required for procurement of the vaccine.

She thus called upon all parents to largely undertake the initiative of taking their children for this vaccination exercise so as not to put such big sums of resources to waste.

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