UNATU Launches Global Action Week On Education

visit geneva;”>Various stake holders in the education sector participated in the workshop including parents, more about teachers, and students to discuss on the welfare of teachers in Uganda.

David Onyango, a teacher who has been in the field for 27 years remarked: “Gone are the days in 1970s when teaching was one of the most paying and respected careers in the country, every good item was reserved for the teachers.”

He noted that today all that has become a dream because teachers are physically in class when psychologically absent.

“All my mind is thinking about is what will my children eat at home, on top of being stressed especially if your name is not on the payroll. I used to be active but not anymore because I am frustrated with the salary I earn,” added Onyango.


However, Hajji Abdullah Ntege, a teacher from Uganda Muslim Education Association condemned people who despise the teaching profession especially parents who can’t allow their daughters to get married to teachers because they assume they are poor.

He also noted that teachers are used as signposts which direct one on which way to go to and after reaching the destination, they are forgotten. He said this in the sense that teachers guide students on which way to go in life and still the government doesn’t acknowledge them.

The teachers were advised to be open minded, time managers, great thinkers, social through sharing knowledge and skills. “Feel proud of your products, be professional in whatever you do and abide by the teachers code of conduct so as to bolster the teaching professional.”

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