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Bigirimana Addresses United Nations

patient this web http://csnn.ca/wp-admin/includes/image-edit.php geneva;”>In a letter dated April 18, UNEG chair Director Inspection and Evaluation Division, Deborah Rugg wrote to Bigirimana: “I wish to thank you most sincerely for your participation in the UNEG high-level panel event, entitled “UN results-are we achieving them? How do we know?” that took place at the UN Headquarters on April 16 2013.”

She added: “Your intervention on using evaluation from a country’s perspective was very instructive and a decisive contribution to the overall success of the panel.”

The high ranking UN official said Uganda’s experience with the poverty eradication plan, the Baraza initiative and the government evaluation facility “resonated among the audience and participants were particularly taken by the example you gave of the practice of using a “traffic light” system in Uganda to assess the performance of different government entities.”

Bigirimana addressing United Nations officials in New York, US on April 16

Bigirimana last week travelled to New York at the invitation of United Nations to speak at a high-level panel event which was held in the Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium from 3 to 6pm on April 16.


The function was aimed at hearing from a “UN Member State that has been taking the lead in ensuring that the UN system delivers results on the ground.”

Other high profile officials at the function included UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Ms Carman Lapointe, Under-Secretary-General of the Office of Intemal Oversight Services, Mr. Nick York, Director for Country, Corporate and Global Evaluations at the World Bank and Mr. Michel Sidibe, Executive Director of UNAIDS.

Members discussed whether or not the United Nations is achieving its objectives, how evaluation is contributing to the measuring of the results, if evaluation findings and recommendations are actually used for programme and policy improvements, and how the collective capacity of UN programmes can be built to improve its evaluation ability.

Ban Ki-moon giving a key speech at the function

The General Assembly has recently emphasized “the importance for organizations of the United Nations development system of having independent, credible and useful evaluation functions, with sufficient resources, and promoting a culture of evaluation that ensures the active use of evaluation findings and recommendations in policy development and improving the functioning of the organizations.”

Bigirimana is credited for having introduced the traffic light system of measurement of performance in different government sectors.

Office of the Prime Minister publicist, Moses Watasa told Chimpreports on Wednesday that the system looks at performance indicators derived from the Policy Statements of Ministries and uses them to assess how Ministries are performing.

“And for the last three years, Government assessment reports have been produced,” he said, adding, “the development is evidence that UN recognizes the role played by government to uplift the standards of living of its people.”

UN officials listening to speeches

“It is because of this impressive performance that Northern Uganda is steadily recovering and rebuilding lives.”

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