Mallinga Succession: DP Condemns “Hereditary Politics”

story geneva;”>As he addressed journalists on Tuesday at the party headquarters in Kampala, rx DP President, Norbert Mao condemned the act, saying Ugandans should know that positions in Parliament require competence, track record and specific qualifications to lead the society.

He said DP is to choose a candidate for Butebo County seat which is currently vacant due to the death of former area Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Stephen Oscar Mallinga.

Recently, Beatrice Mallinga, the wife to the deceased minister revealed her interest in representing the people of Butebo in Parliament.

“Ugandans should not feel guilty of not supporting a member from the bereaved family and should know that a seat in parliament should not be used as part of the condolence,” said Mao.


Mao asserted that the constituency belongs to citizens and voters but not to a certain specific family. “Uganda is not North Korea where this trend of leadership works,” he added.

“It should be remembered that, after the death of the Hon. Cerinah Nebanda, former Woman MP of Butaleja, her sister Florence Nebanda decided to stand in her position and she is now representing the Butaleja in Parliament,” said the party president.

Mao further blamed President Museveni for privatizing the public policy and finance by distributing huge sums of money to different people in the country.

“Very many people including politicians and religious leaders have been tricked by Museveni with tokens of money,” noted Mao, citing a recent example of Museveni giving the newly wedded Akena and Amongi a huge sum of money at their traditional marriage ceremony.

“Envelopes have now become too small that he has resorted to distributing money in sacks as a way showing his support,” added Mao.

He further blasted Museveni for giving out Shs 250m to the youth in Kaliro, describing the move as “pay as you go politics.”

The presidency said Tuesday the money was delivered to the right people to do the right projects.

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