Presidency Makes Case For Museveni’s Money Sack

clinic geneva;”>During the launch of Busoga Youth Forum in Kaliro district, drugs the President gave the cash donations packaged in a sack.

In order to give the initiative good publicity and transparency demanded by the youth at this ceremony, the sack of cash was used to raise the attention of all the youth that the fund has been made available, launched and the pledge fulfilled.

This is because the youth always complained that they never get to know when the money is sent and that it is sometimes stolen by unscrupulous people.

The money which is part of the Presidential donations to Ugandans in this region was packed in envelopes, marked and sealed before putting it the sack for this ceremony.


Aside from the money other donations included actual inputs as listed; Iganga Unique group (Mini bus), Namayingo Boda Boda SACCO (Shs 20million), Buyende Youth (Truck), nKamuli Youth (Hatchery, poultry inputs worth 10 million), Ntafungilwa Boda Boda Group in Mayuge (Shs 20million); Mayuge-Iguluibi Youth SACCO Wailasa sub county (Shs 10million), Nakavule Roundabout Iganga Town Youth (15 boda bodas), Iganga NRM women’s league (Shs 30million) and Matumu Kamuli youth (Pick-up truck to be delivered).

Others include Bulange Road Boda Boda Association Namutumba (Shs 10million), Mbale Road Boda Boda association Namutumba (Shs 10million), Namutumba Boda Boda Association (Shs 10million), Iganga Road Boda Association Namutumba (Shs10million), Ivukula Road Boda Boda Association Namutumba (Shs10million), Namutumba Lorries and Mechanical SACCO (Shs 10million), Namutumba disabled peoples’ group (Shs 10million), Namutumba Women’s Group (Shs 10million), Iganga Municipality Lead SACCO Genesis (Shs30million), Kaliro Youth for small scale industries (Shs 30 million), Nawantumbi Bamusamba Nanda Development Entandikwa general (Shs10million) and Entandikwa for youth (Shs 10million).

The donations that were already fulfilled by the President to Busoga include; Namunana Dorothy (Shs 10million), Nakabango Youth (HatcheryChicks and feeds), Kamuli Youth (15 acres of land Shs 52.5million),

Bugiri Boda Boda (Shs 20million), Buyende Youth for Water pump and pesticides (Shs 10.5million), Mr. Mpaulo Silage (Mark11 vehicle), Art Base SACCO Iganga (Shs 60million), Iganga Rural Development Association (Shs 40million), Namutumba Youth Brigade (Shs 6million),

Busoga Youth Gardens (Shs 49.3million paid to Namuganza), Pending donations include those of Namayingo Youth Groups at Sigulu and Lugala Islands (two boats new engines are out of stock, to be delivered), Iganga Youth (Electrical kiln and extruder for charcoal brickets – still pending quotation), Matuumu Kamuli Youth Technical Association (A water pump. Technical assessment has been done and will be installed soon and a feed mixer).

Also Shs 5million to each sub county youth SACCO to be dispersed pending sensitization and training of youths and opening of individual SACCO accounts. This comes to 99sub counties totaling Shs 495million.

The last pending donation is that to Mr. Johnson Basangwa (a feeds mill).

Many times, the President fulfils his pledges but the recipients don’t get to know.

The packaging this time may be different but it is not strange.

When the President made a donation of Shs 150million to the journalists under Uganda Journalists Association, it was delivered in a brief case and there was no protest.

The corporate world always uses dummy cheques, but institutions like State House don’t issue cheques because they don’t hold accounts.

There are many Ugandans across at all levels who have benefited from these donations some of whom directly pick the money from State House.

The donations are therefore in form of real cash, inputs, materials, services etc and they are tracked, monitored and accounted for.

The money was handed to the leader Busoga Youth Forum Sanon Bwire Nadela and after the ceremony; it was dispersed to the various groups which are listed for accountability.

The same process was followed earlier when the Kampala Youth Fund was launched.

This encourages the youth to organise themselves into productive groups, go through entrepreneurship training, and apply officially from their SACCOs because they have the proof that the money is available.

The President has always been inundated with complaints of unfulfilled pledges especially in the Busoga region because the pledges delivered are not well publicised.

This time round, the pledge was fulfilled in a manner that has been very successful in getting the news out.

The sack of money as a tool for publicity has been so successful and proves that the President delivers on pledges of donations made to Ugandans in response to requests and demands made to him during his various mobilization tours.

The author is the Deputy Presidential Spokesperson

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