4 Mbarara University Students Arrested Over Protest

adiposity geneva;”>Lectures have been put on hold and business and traffic in the neighbouring areas disrupted by the violence as students protested the administration’s decision to continue charging internship and attachment fees.

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Students at the Faculty of Development Studies and Business Administration say while they do not go for internship, they are also compelled to pay Shs100,000 internship fees every semester like the rest.

They now want an explanation from the administration and a refund of the monies.

According to Western regional police spokesperson, Polly Namaye, students accuse the administration of not arranging study trips yet it continues to receive Shs100, 000 and an additional Shs20, 000 from the learners.


Namaye said the students at the Faculty of Development Studies had support from their colleagues during the protest.

She further noted that four students have been held in connection with the violence.

“They are in our custody. It is very absurd that the strike is happening at a time when students are doing exams. Even today they had an exam so we suspect those who are no well prepared are misleading the rest into violence,” Namaye told Chimpreports by phone on Monday.

Other factors that have exacerbated the situation at one of the country’s most prestigious institutions is lack of toilets and poor sanitation.

Namaye said the situation is “now calm because students who were causing chaos and trying to interfere with the schedule of exams have been chased from the University,” adding, “We have dispersed them and the Faculty of Technology which they had closed has been reopened.”

She said student leaders and the administration were in a meeting to find a “win-win” situation.

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