Uganda Liverpool Fans Set To Face Sponsors Standard Chartered

medicine decease geneva;”>They may not have won the English Premier League for more than twenty years but you can always bank on Ugandan Liverpool supporters unwavering optimism and loyalty for their club. They play Liverpool official sponsors Standard Chartered Bank Uganda chapter in a charity game at Lugogo Stadium, recipe Saturday 20 at 9:00 am.

Though no official research has been conducted yet, a quick sample in popular Uganda bars were live Barclays Premier League games are screened will reveal that Brandon Rogers’ side has the most loyal fans, swallowing poor result after another.

Known for their solidarity and love for historical achievements, a walk in any Ugandan town you will definitely bump into a 35+ year-old Liverpool fan (it’s a club popular with older 1970-80s generation) well colored in their red ‘mijoozi’.

As long as you are a Liverpool fan, you are eligible to play. The team has not been pre-selected; it will depend on who is available, ready and willing to get on the pitch. As many of us as possible will get a chance to play. Standard Chartered staff will be there in big numbers to cheer their team, let’s outnumber them and cheer our own as you enjoy fresh refreshments and music,” Aldrine Nsubuga the event coordinator said Friday morning.


So grab your Jersey, soccer boots, gather your children and go to Lugogo ready to play.

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