95 People to Be Awarded Medals as NRM Marks 34 Years

A total of 95 people will be awarded medals on Sunday 25th January 2020 when the National Resistance Movement (NRM)/ National Resistance Army (NRA) marks 34 years since it captured power.

This was announced Minister for Presidency Esther Mbayo at Uganda Media Center in Kampala on Wednesday.

“This time round we are giving out 95 medals to those who have contributed to the good will and wellbeing of Uganda in various capacities,” Mbayo said.

The NRM/A victory day commemorated the climax of an armed conflict that began on 6th February 1881 at Kabamba military barracks by NRA fighters under the command of President Museveni.

This year’s celebrations will be held under the theme “Celebrating NRM/A is a patriotic struggle that ushered in national unity and social economic transformation.”

The event will take place at Ibanda CO PTC grounds in Ibanda district and president Museveni will be the guest of honour.

Opposition Welcome

Asked whether the opposition has been invited to attend the celebrations, Mabyo said, “this is a national celebration for all Ugandans and we reach out to the opposition, we invite them but they don’t come. My Ministry is in charge of inviting whoever is concerned.”


“We have a list of VIPs of which the opposition are inclusive. So we invite them but for their own interests they don’t come,” said Mbayo.

The NRM/A war began back in the 1970s during president Idi Amin’s reign who had captured power from Milton Obote in a coup.

Mabyo said the end of Idi Amin’s regime in 1979 and the coming in of Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) didn’t solve Uganda’s issues.

“On the contrary, mismanagement became the order of the day and the state of anarchy was unleashed unto Ugandans,” she said.

In 1981, Museveni headed to the bushes of Luweero in central Uganda and launched a war after losing the 1980 presidential elections which until today insists were rigged in favour of the then President Milton Obote.

On 26th January 1986, NRA captured power and a new chapter in Uganda’s history was written.

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