Breaking: Landslides Kill 9 In Rwanda

sick geneva; font-size: small;”>For the last 24 hours alone, sildenafil landslides caused by heavy downpour claimed lives of nine people in different parts of the country, including a family of five in Kiyonzwe Cell, Mutuntu Sector in Karongi District.

The family perished when the house they were in was destroyed by landslides.

In a statement seen by Chimpreports, RNP says in Twabugezi Cell, Murunda Sector in Rutsiro District, landslides also destroyed a house killing a man and his two children aged 11 and 13 years.

A number of houses and crops were also destroyed. Most of those affected were residing in risky zones.


“The government and districts in particular allocated areas where families living in high risks areas can relocate to. Some families have honoured this call while others still reside in such dangerous areas,” the statement read in part, adding, “Lives of those still living in these areas are at risk.”

“The public are also considered as the country’s wealth and loss of any life means loss of manpower and consequently wealth. Rwanda National Police, therefore, appeals to those families that still live in the demarcated wetlands, hilly or other areas considered risky, abide by the country’s safety programmes, to relocate to safe zones.”

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