Museveni Honours Dr Mallinga

recipe geneva; color: #333333;”>”I bid farewell to my friend Hon. Steven Malinga. He died all over a sudden when he was still young. 69 years is not old. I was with him at Ntare. He was in A-level when I was in O-level. He was our health prefect because he liked medicine, ambulance ” said Museveni at burial ceremony of the deceased in Pallisa on Thursday.

“Later on I heard that he had joined the Army. I did not see him for some time; you know that history that led many of our people to run away. He ran away because the government he was working for was killing people.”

Museveni further noted that upon return, Mallinga joined UPC.

“But we talked with him and he joined NRM. I appointed him a Minister. As you know, he was very hardworking. As I was coming here I could see the development he too contributed to. In the past most of the people in this area lived in grass-thatched houses. I see more people with mabati (iron sheets). I congratulate you,” he further noted.


The President expressed displeasure that Ugandans were dying at a younger age.

“This is something that should be studied by all of you. In the past, death was by bad government. These days we lose quite a number of people, not because of government but because of avoidable health issues,” the President elaborated.

Mallinga succumbed to heart failure after collapsing at his home in Pallisa last week.

“Diseases which affect ordinary people like Malaria and others caused by living in villages are being addressed. But there are diseases like heart attack which killed Hon. Steven Mallinga and a clot which killed Eriya Kategaya which are caused by way of life and eating,” said Museveni.

“So, beware of this so you also sensitize and help save others. Diseases like clots are not caused by mosquitoes or anything like that. If you sit down a lot and you are not active or work, you are likely to develop diabetes, heart problems or clots.”

Museveni said a leader of Mallinga’s caliber should have been left to rest.

“But sitting there meeting very many people a day without time to exercise is not good. When you see people in government, many of them are fat. That fatness is not good. Somebody should work up to 5 pm and then exercise. Don’t eat too much at night. That way leaders should help you lead longer and remain alive and active when they retire to give you advice,” he reiterated.

“I have got a function in Kampala to launch your programs on the economy. I had come to say good bye to my friend. I will leave Gen. Moses Ali so he continues,” said Museveni after concluding his speech before he was driven off to attend the official launch of Vision 2040 at Kololo ceremonial grounds in Kampala.

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