British Airways Donates Sports Gear To Edgars Youth Programme

more about geneva;”>The programme which was formed in 2004 and is managed by active soccer players in the Ugandan sports leagues and sports fans under the leadership of Mr. Edgar Watson currently FUFA CEO, this believes in helping underprivileged children who have no alternative help but have potential to excel in sports.

This way talent is identified and remarkablepersonalities are developed who excel in soccer and sports and also uplift society in general.

Faith Chaitezvi, BA Country Commercial manager said: “British Airways contributes towards development of communities and one of the undertakings to improvise good community living is youth development. We strongly support and promote causes that seek to empower the youth not only mentally through education but also physically through sport.”

Edgars Youth Programme has over the years sought to bring the youth out of disadvantaged situations by using soccer and sports related activities and give them a purpose to life.


“This is an incredible idea of building talent and also tomorrow’s responsible citizens of the nation. We therefore applaud the founders represented by Edgar Watson and passionately hand-over this donation with confidence in the programme,” added Chaitezvi.

Mr. Edgar Watson Suubi Currently FUFA CEO and founder of Edgar Youth Programme said: “It is truly an honour for British Airways to support our programme through this donation. It is an essential that has come in quite handy and timely for the youngsters who engage in daily practices to prepare for various competitions.”

He added: “At Edgars Youth Programme, we welcome all donations in fund form and in kind. These donations help us sustain the programme. It is donations like this that have brought the programme this far and we also hope that we shall continue to receive more and more.”

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