Breaking: Nsenga’s Widow Faces Fresh Death Threats

find geneva;”>The family’s residence is Bugolobi is currently under tight security by a team of detectives.

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Police publicist Judith Nabakooba said they “secured the residence of the deceased, as standard procedure, because it was, at first, a scene of a traffic accident, and subsequently, subject of criminal investigation.”

She added Tuesday: “Later, the widow reported to Police that she had received threats to her life, and was apprehensive over her safety and her children’s as well. She requested for the protection of the Police, both for herself and for her home.”

According to Nabakooba, “Police, as mandated by the Constitution, regularly provide protection to individuals and assets under threat of harm or damage.”


Jackie knocked and killed Nsenga as she drove through the gate of their matrimonial home in the leafy suburb of Bugolobi.

This is not the first time Jackie is facing threats to her life.

While paying his last respects to his departed son during a memorial service at Christ the King Church in Kampala in January, Donnat Kananura exonerated Jackie, saying she never nursed intentions to kill Nsenga.

“Jackie had no plans of killing her husband. This accident where Nsenga was killed by his car, by his own wife and at his gate, was planned by God. I call for reconciliation. Let us forgive and forget,” Kananura told mourners at Christ the King Church during a requiem mass.

Kananura, who until recently was the leader of Rwandans in Uganda, said some of Nsenga’s relatives had expressed determination to kill Jackie if she stepped in Kanungu for burial.

Nabakooba said Police have not denied family members access to the premises, and in the event that some might have been inconvenienced by requirements of security measures, “we regret such inconvenience.”

She further added: “We are working with the family to accommodate their concerns. We wish to remind all concerned that investigation of such nature is an involving process, which requires time, and demands that all requirements of the law be satisfied, before the case progresses to the next stage.”

The Police spokesperson maintained: “While we empathise with the family’s tragic loss, we reiterate our commitment to efficiently resolving the case, as demonstrated by the expedited investigation, and we request for patience and understanding, as we address the legal and procedural requirements of the case. In all eventualities, the law will take its course, as it should. “

This comes against the backdrop of reports that Police was so hesitant to charge Jackie with murder as requested by the Director of Public Prosecution.

Other reports indicated Police had unlawfully occupied the residence of the deceased, against the will of the family, and denied bona fide relatives access to the residence.

But Nabakooba says as part of the investigation, the Police consulted the Attorney General, who is the Chief Legal Advisor to Government, over specific legal and technical aspects of the case.

“This is a routine process, and it is not, as suggested by some sections of the media, unusual or irregular. Once this phase of investigation is complete, due process will be observed, in accordance with the law.”

She added: “We are sensitive to the concerns of the family, and do appreciate the depth of their tragic loss. At all times during the investigation, the family has been updated on the progress, and the Police have been interacting with the family on a regular basis.”

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